Digital storytelling applications can be very attractive for young learners. I didn’t use them before, but facebook has a similar application which called ”Bistrips”. It is very beneficial for language teaching.

      Teachers can show digital stories. You can give tasks your students and they can create their own story. Sentences will be short and clear. So they will be understandable. Also using visual materials make learn easier.
Casual homeworks are boring however this is a different experience. Students can enjoy and also learning English will be easy.


Edmodo & Dokeos & Prezi

dokeos                           unnamed

     Our topic was Edmodo, Dokeos and, Prezi. I knew Dokeos from our first lesson. Dokeos is the social platform that we used first. I said It was, because we couldn’t use it. Also I didn’t like it. According to me it is too serious, not enjoyable and it is very hard to use. So our instructor decided to change our online platform and I met with Edmodo. I don’t like this kind of platforms (included forum websites) but Edmodo is better than Dokeos. At least Edmodo has a good visual. Facebook can be used for education. Everybody has a facebook account today. However, this two online platform made  for providing all needs for education.



     Prezi is a excellent presentation maker. When prezi is discovered by more people, I think Powerpoint will be demode. Prezi has so many professional themes, animations, and, slides. Is is so attractive for audience. But I have a bed memory about prezi. I have known Prezi for 3 years. I had a presentation and I wanted to make something different, then I prepared a colorful, attractive presentation using prezi. When my presentation finished my instructor asked me ” Where did you get this presentation??” and I felt very sorry.

b          prezi




WizIQ & Google Hangouts

      I’ve met an interesting website this week. This course makes me suprised every week. Topic of today was WizIQ. It has excellent system. It is online- learning platform. People met in this website all over the world. You can listen seminars and participate in them also. It is a big chance for improving ourselves. We can take a course. Some courses are not free but I’ve some discount coupons on the internet i don’t know it is available for Turkey:))



     Google plus and Google Hangouts provide us improving our speaking skills. As a teacher you can create a virtual classroom. They are visual applications. Students can see each other and they can also talk with microphone.




Hot Potatoes

      I missed the course this week. The topic was hot potatoes. Application has a weird name I couldn’t understand why it is Hot Potatoes. I decided to discover it myself. I dowlanded it. There are a lot of quiz to prepare for students. Matching, crossword, multiple choice, close quizzes can be prepared and end of the preparation you can combine all of you quizzes in a unit. It is similar to ”Socrative” but quiz must be started at the same time. Also hot potatoes have more function for preparing quiz. But it is hard to prepare. Almost every student has computer in their house so i can be easy to apply. Also it can be applied in the classroom using projector. I liked this application so much.

Webheads – Delicious – Dropbox


This week our topic was ”Webheads”. Webheads is a online learning and teaching community. They met an online platform and they give conferences about language teaching. They are all over the world.


Then, we talked about dropbox. I have already had an account. But I have learned something about dropbox this week. There are lots of missions in dropbox. For example; when invite your facebook friends to dropbox it will give you free space. When you complete all of these missions they will give you until 50 gb free space to use. Dropbox is amazing. You can collect everything in it (photos, links, documents). Also if you want to share, you can share with people using online platforms


Delicious is a online bookmarking that you collect your links, websites. You never lose your websites that you followed. You can also follow other people and you can see what they shared. You can also share your links with other people using public button before you’ve shared.

Mobile learning age



     At the beginning of the lesson our instructor asked us which dictionaries did we used. I use ”Collins English + Thesaurus” on my mobile phone. Our instructor asked us to downland “Merriam Webster Dictionary”. I use both of them now. Merriam is as good as Collins. Collins doesn’t have pronunciations of words. But Merriam has. If you use Merriam; when you don’t have internet connection, you can’t use pronunciation feature.

     Then, another topic was “QR code”. First time I have seen QR code in a book. While I read the book I could scan the barcode and I could see what was the place look like characters have been, what did they listen and so many things about the book. Now I’ve learned that how to prepare a QR code. It is very easy. I’ve prepared an answer key for my worksheet using QR code.

Our last topic was ”Socrative”. You can prepare multiple choice, short answer, true-false quizzes using this application. English lesson hours are not enough in schools. When you finished your unit you can make evauation using this application. Students can answer the questions at the same time no matter where they are. So you don’t need extra time for doing evaluation exam. Also you will have a report end of the quizz.

I understood now…

     Our subject was Edmodo, Wikis, Google documents and Pbworks this week. We must have taken this course the first year of university. Because it contains all of programs that we need.

     Firstly we started how to use edmodo. Edmodo aims continuing education out of the school. Our platform was dokeos but it changed. Edmodo is more easier than Dokeos. 

     Wikis contains lots of information that addable and changeable. People can create a context and edit. Wikis can be good source but can not be a reference.

      Pbworks and Google documents are platform that students can make a context or a project work together. They can correct their mistakes checking eachother’s. These two platforms can be very useful for students.

Our first lesson…

Our topic was word press, rss reader, twitter and feedly today. Eventhough I have used word press I didn’t know not much about it. For example; looking visitors, editing theme following people back…  So I will be able to use better. I can teach word press to my students. Maybe I want to them writing a diary using word press for my English lessons.

The other application was twitter. Normally I have twitter but I don’t use too much. People are always using twitter for writing their daily situations around me. But thanks to this course I’ve learned that we can use twitter for education in the classroom more enjoyable way.  Maybe I can change my mind when I become a teacher. Also twitter-fall is amazing application.  I can use it in the classroom. Students can write their ideas about a subject easily using twitter. They can also share their opinions each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               twitter-lists


Feedly is the most beneficial application for me and when I learned feedly I asked myself what am I doing on the internet until today (!). I’m following lots of blogs and websites. Sometimes I can forget the blogs that I followed. Sometimes I’m losing websites that I looked once and I liked. Also it takes very long time looking at pages.  I can see that which sites are update using feedly.

Thanks to our instructor, I explored the internet another way.  I’m really wondering what I will learn in next days.



     I always use computer in my daily life. But, there is too much thing that I couldn’t resolve about using internet in education. I don’t know how to use internet efficiently for education. Internet is full of information about a subject; maybe true maybe not. The most important thing is to find true one using good resources. So I will improve myself taking this course. Course will help finding efficient sources and I hope I will be able to prepare effective materials for my students. I believe that CALL course will be beneficial for my school practise course. I’m not a good writer. Writing reflection of an article and weekly reflections will provide  a development my writing skills also.

     Our online platform made me a little nerveous. Because I’m not good at using this kind of platforms. But I’m not against for using for this course. Because, If I learn using this platform I will be one more step ahead compared to other teachers. On the other hand, when I learned this platform I can use it in my whole life. I will use it with my students. I can make my lessons enjoyable with online quizes and talking about our daily lives using forum part.